In den letzten Tagen war der Fall Silke S. viele Fragen auf. Neben vielen Ungereimtheiten bleibt die Frage, wie geht eine Provatperson mit einem Shitstorm um?

Um ein besseres Verständnis zu bekommen, haben wir einen namhaften Hacker um eine Stellungnahme gebeten. Bevor wir online stellen: Er ist Deutscher, hackt aber in englisch. Hacker sind so…

Dear Torsten,

… thanks for asking – before i answer your question – „experienced hacker“? Oh come on, not another one of these self-proclaimed cybersecurity-something hackers – i hope i am not – i do research work along my abilities – payed for my day-job, but also non-profit for fun and a better world 😉
The most so called hacking-results we see in the press today are mostly the results from „low-hanging fruits“ found by people who stupidly try to find exit-code patterns or just opportunistic guessing around for miss-configuration or easy to guess passwords until they find something  – not really something that brings humanity forward – but it is always good for a headline and for the security solution industry to spread their FUD.

To your question: „how high is the risk that someone gets ownership of private accounts?

A simple answer – „it depends – because Risk is something very dynamic“.

Like most tech-people, i ignore facebook for my own social networking – and prefer Google+ – but of course it is always a good potential source! 😉

Mentioning Silke S. – you asked many important questions yourself already.

Yeah why not? Nothing new and nothing magic – and good for everone who likes to troll around and make huge waves.  Trigger the right button and have fun. But it is larger as just that, since the HB Gary Hack it should be clear to everyone that even several services like DOD, NSA, and the CIA work on technics to dominate opinions in social media and one person can become many personas with quite some „level of realness“.

Shitstorms are the new Flamewars – characterized by much more entropy, interlinked accross multiple communication-channels and platforms, across multiple education and social classes. Hype and Sensation and exaggeration becomes normality, a real challenge for meritocracy, the obsolete concept of having a good reputation in the internet.

Silke S. and her employer? Employers do not want to fuzz around with their mobbing employees – this is clear enough – and would surely not the first public job termination.

Why should facebook care if the account is hacked? Here again comes the question what means hacked? And why was getting back the account for Silke S. so easy? Must be a stupid hacker, forgot to lock up the account and leave his sign – he will get no fame for this hack 😉
If you do not live in Germany you even can get bounties like AMol NAikfrom from the null community india.

If the account was hijacked or not, in this case – everything is in a way hackable and if not technically, the most effective hacks are the social-/mind-hacks. Btw. –  marketing people are often masters of mind-hacking without knowing it 😉

Learn to deal with it and maybe be one step ahead of your kids – and start to teach them by giving them a hacker high school lesson.

— Joerg

Übrigens: Am 27. Juni spricht Joerg Simon auf Schloss Monrepos deutsch (auch wenn sein Vortragstitel in englisch ist)…